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Nineteen >< Twenty-One

What do you Want to be in the Future ? What did you do to make it happen?

Sometimes those easy questions  are hard to answer.  We will find those questions in a manhwa (Korean manga) created by John and Jenna. This Korean manga told about a guy named Ju Dong-Hwi, a fresh graduate from high school who thought that he should enjoy his youth as much as he want before turning twenty. On the other side, Lee Yun-Lee, a girl who have to repeat university exam because she had an accident 2 days before exam, and it took  one year for the injury to recover completely.

Whenever Lee feels sad, she looks for cats to comfort herself. Using her pocket money to buy cat food, she tried to lure some stray cats just to pat them or looking at their calming eyes. One day when Lee tried to lure cats, she met a guy who is playing with some stray cats. Lee and Dong-Hwi met accidentaly because of stray cats ^^.

The story about two opposite, Dong-Hwi who want to spend his days carefree and Yun-Lee who lost her teen and failed to enter a university because of the accident.  This manhwa is giving a good lesson  about how we treasure our  time.

People cannot live forever. Considering this, people will grow old and become adults. For their convenience, people say that the criteria for adulthood is when you turn twenty-one.

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Jhon and Jenna

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