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Fujimura-kun Mates

“On a far- far away land, there is a cool cat named Gekkou, he’s popular with girls and has charm that broke the species barrier…”

tte jyanai..!! this manga isn’t about cats!! (plak)
fiuh, I always wanted to start a post with Tsukomi.. 😆

One day, Fujimura — a high school delinquent —  met a strange girl named Usami Eriko. She told him to go back to school. But Fujimura refused it (of course), “I don’t want to go to that boring place” he said. Eriko’s thinking that he would change his mind, if he had friends to talk with in school.

“Eri will be your friend” She said
“I don’t want to”  fujimura replied
“then… girl… girlfriend…” she said while blushing >///<
Fujimura-kun mates, Usami Eriko, Confession, lol

No no…. this isn’t a romance or drama Manga, rather a gag (comedy) manga. If you love jokes, then .. this manga is good for your health  🙂
nante ne~~

Credit to :
1. Seiichi Shiki
3. My friend, Keith

You can download this manga here :


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