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12 Hours in Bandung

I’m bored so I decided to write this self-oriented story of mine..

You don’t have to read it..

it’s really just my own way to erase today’s madness .. orz

This is my first trip to Bandung from Jakarta, , err BSD city (serpong) exactly. And I don’t really have any clue about the route to get there but still recklessly going there alone. My Girlfriend was going to celebrate her B’day and I want to give her a visit after a long time since we met..  Just like a story in Byousoku 5 cm when Takaki’s visiting Akari after a long time, Just like him, I desperately collecting info from my friends about how to get there and where I can spend the nite.. Lucky me, I could take a rest in my friend’s uncle in GBA 2 (Griya Bandung Asri 2 ). The only problem is I don’t have time to prepare a gift for her (baka da ne?) so, I just get a choco from a combi (convenience store)~~

Here Gooes the MONOGATARI~~

Flash Back:

– 24 hours before departure :

I mailed my GF asking about how’s she doing. she said that she’s okay and a little busy with her minithesis, (sound like she’s depressed).. I said that I would come to her place to celebrate her B’day.

[FYI, my GF is a person who don’t want to cause trouble to others.. and sometimes pushing herself too hard]

she said that I don’t have to come just to celebrate her B’day, because she’s busy with her thesis and worried about  where will I spend the nite?

I know deep inside she don’t want to give me trouble.. (because it’s really far enough)..

but, I won’t take my words back.. I told her it’s okay, and she agreed. This time I will form my affection for her into an action, not just words.

– 12 hours before departure :

I was working in my room.. when suddenly a friend of mine asking “have you buy a ticket to bandung?” Crap. I totaly forget to order to the travel agent. And I don’t have time to order it that time.. orz.. I don’t want to cancel my plan. So i decided to use another way, by bus..

– 2 hours before departure :

I can’t keep my concentration on my work. My brain was under my control, but my heart is going wild. Yes, I have not bought any gift for her yet. So I decided to go out looking for a gift.. And this is where my clumsiness get better of me. I couldn’t decide what to buy and in the end, I just bought a chocolate.. (pathetic, huh?)

– Departure :

A Friend of mine offering a favor to take me to get the bus. I took off from my office at 5.20 pm and got there @ 5.40 pm and the bus came @ 6.10 pm.. Well, bandung.. here I come..

– On the Way :

I met a boy around my age, we introduced ourselves., started talking and.. what a day… He had the same destination as me.. Griya Bandung Asri 2 (GBA 2). Lucky me, I don’t have to wander around bandung that night. 😀 .. When My bus is getting closer to bandung, I Mailed my hime (hime is my GF’s nick)., when suddenly my battery ran out.. 😦 (now I couldn’t contact anyone)

– Arrival :

That boy (I forgot his name :P) and I arrived @leuwi panjang terminal at 10.15 pm,

whoa, this is my first time doing a journey (haha) alone. New place, and I’m unfamiliar with the native’s language (Sunda).. oh, I forgot to explain that may friend’s uncle (I’ll call him Om Budi from now on) was waiting for me there (I asked him to let me stay at his home for a night). I used that boy’s cellphone to contact  Om Budi (you might think I’m being rude here, but yeah, I’m suck when it comes to memorizing person’s name) Om Budi is living with his wife, has two children, and he is a nice person and also easy to talk with.. 🙂  I charged my cellphone and mailed her, — “let’s meet tommorow @ Telkom Institute of Technology

– The Meeting :

Like I said before, I don’t know about Bandung, so I get Om Budi to take me to  Telkom Institute of Technology. It was 7.12 am when i arrived at  Telkom Institute of Technologys Gate. And it didn’t take a long time, and she appeared before me.. (whoa, it’s our first meeting after parting for a long time).. It was awkward in the begining (of course, it’s been a while since our last meeting). But then, we got our pace and our convo continue~~ 😀

and she was wearing jilbab (moslem’s cloth for woman).. khuu… how adorable >.<

We walked for a while and she stoped as she pointing a house, “This is my boarding house” she said.

“oh.. may I used your toilet?” I teased her 😀 … “ow, come on” she replied while blushing and hitting my arm. (GOD, thanks for giving me “life” ..^^).

– Best Breakfast Ever :

I was hungry because I skipped my dinner last nite. So We decide to celebrate her B’day in Mc’D as we have breakfast. We sat face to face, ate the meal and chat as usual. But I just can’t keep my eyes away from her. I want to treasure every second with her and make a momento of it. Just when I finished my meal, she offered hers while saying “this is for you, I couldn’t finished it”

——–What?? For Real? —— (>////< )

(oh GOD, thanks again for giving me “time” ..^^)

“are you okay? you don’t like it? or perhaps you are not used having breakfast?” I asked her

“no, it’s fine. yes, because it’s not my breakfast time, so I’m not really hungry” she said

“so this is..” I asked her again

“for you… I don’t want to waste it” so she said as pushing her meal towards me.

“not for your friends (in your boarding house) ?” I teased her again

glup, she smiled and while drinking..

“how could I give THIS to my friends?” she said while laughing

(this is the meal)

fried chicken

“Then, how could you give this to me?” I said with serious face but smiling deep inside.. 🙂

“it’s because you didn’t have dinner last nite…” and so she said while blushing..

(I’m glad my girl is such a nice person) (@_@) v

“Then I’ll take your offering, thank you”  I said.. I could not possibly refused her offering, so I took that chicken with me


Hime  :”what will you do after this?” she asked me..

Me     : “going home, bacause I come here only to see you, and it seems you have activity after this, right?”

Hime  : “yes, sorry”

Me     : “don’t be”

Hime  : “Then I’ll see you off”

Me     : “You don’t have to, it’s fine, beside I don’t want you to be late”

Hime  : “it’s okay, you are still unfamiliar with this area, aren’t you?”

” I’ll take you to Luewi Panjang 🙂 “

Me     : “as you wish, hime” 🙂


– Parting :

We arrived at leuwi panjang terminal at 09.45.. we’re looking for bus together,

“This is the one” I said

“Then, be carefull ..^^” she said

“eh, I’m gonna escort you until the exit” I said when she’s leaving

“no, you’ll miss the bus if you do that.. it’s okay, I’m fine” she conviced me with such a cute eyes

“ehm, then you too, take care 🙂 ” I said with a smile on my happy face

we shake hands and she kissed my hand.

we parted just like that~


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