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Hi, there.. It’s been a while since my last post 😀
Today I’m gonna give a review about one of my favorite Japanese doujin music group, SUPERCELL..

First, Let’s meet the member. Supercell is led by composer and lyricst, Ryo-san who produces the music and write the lyric for their songs. The other members are :

  1. Shirow Miwa (illustration)
  2. Huke (illustration)
  3. Redjuice (illustration)
  4. Suga (illustration)
  5. Maque (illustration and animation)
  6. Yoshiki Usa at Wooserdesign (design)
  7. Hei8ro (Heihachiro) (support in illustration and photography)
  8. Guitar (support in illustration)
  9. Crow (support)
  10. Golv (support)
  11. 119 (Hikeshi) (illustration) – Former Member

Why I called them doujin music group? Dōjin music (同人音楽?), also called otokei dōjin (音系同人?) in Japan, is a sub-category of dōjin activity. Dōjin are basically non-official self-published Japanese works which can be based on official products or completely original creations. Such products are sold online on specialized sites, on the author’s own sites and in conventions such as the very popular Comic Markets.

Supercell formed in 2007
 is a Japanese 11-member music group led by composer and lyricist Ryo which formed in 2007 as a dōjin music group. Supercell started out by making use of the Hatsune Miku singing synthesizer to produce vocals for songs submitted to the Nico Nico Dougavideo sharing website. The popularity of the songs led the group to release the independent self-titled album Supercell at Comiket 74 in August 2008. Supercell made their major debut with Sony Music Entertainment Japan with the professional release of their Supercell album in March 2009, which was updated with more songs and a DVD. Supercell released their first single, “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari“, in August 2009 with vocals by Nagi, herself a vocalist primarily known for her uploads to Nico Nico Douga under the name Gazelle.[1] “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” was the first release by Supercell not to use Hatsune Miku for the vocals and was used as the ending theme song for the 2009 Bakemonogatari anime series. Supercell released three more singles in 2010, one being a split single with fellow dōjin musician Kz of Livetune. Supercell released their second album Today Is A Beautiful Day in March 2011.

Supercell has released two albums so far, which are Supercell” (2009) and “Today Is A Beautiful Day” (2011). And, here’s my top 10 supercell songs (just my own opinion) :

  1. Sayonara Memories
  2. Perfect Day
  3. Hero
  4. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari
  5. LOVE & ROLL
  6. Utakata Hanabi
  7. When the first love ends
  8. World is mine
  9. Liars Parade
  10. Owari e Mukau Hajimari no Uta
And here is  Supercell’s new album,-Today Is A Beautiful Day- track list :
  1. 終わりへ向かう始まりの歌 (Owari e Mukau Hajimari no Uta)
  2. 君の知らない物語 (Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari)
  3. ヒーロー (Hero)
  4. Perfect Day
  5. 復讐 (Fukushuu)
  6. ロックンロールなんですの (Rock ‘n Roll Nan Desu no)
  7. LOVE & ROLL
  8. Feel so good
  9. 星が瞬くこんな夜に (Hoshi ga Matataku Konna Yoru ni)
  10. うたかた花火 (Utakata Hanabi)
  11. 夜が明けるよ (Yoru ga Akeru yo)
  12. さよならメモリーズ (Sayonara Memories)
  13. 私へ (Watashi e)
Supercell’s PV :
Perfect Day

Sayonara Memories
Utakata Hanabi

Credit :
1. Wikipedia
2. youtube 

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