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Oha-Lucky.. Howdy everyone?
Did you Watch Dead-Fantasy? it’s an awesome CG Movie made by Monty Oum about girls in final fantasy series versus girls from Dead or Alive. If, by any chace, you have not watch it, then please Allow me to show you this masterpiece here

Final Fantasy series is a famous RPG game from Square-Enix, most of gamer around the world knew this Fantastic game. While Dead or Alive A.K.A DoA is a fighting game produced by Tecmo which also have a lot of fans. Those games also well known as games which filled by many pretty girls.. :Yay!!

In Dead-Fantasy, Those Pretty Girls Fight each other with their awesome skill and technique. Fantasy side is having Yuna, Riku, Tifa, Rinoa and Kairi (from Kingdom Heart) fighting for their side, and on the other side,  Kasumi, Hitomi, Ayame and Rachel (from ninja Gaiden) are fighting for DoA’s Side.

Wait, I’m not gonna show their fighting scene here, I have another page for it. And… by the way,.. you know about SNSD girl generation, right? a famous female group from korean who made a hits with single Gee. If, by any chance,  don’t know about them (ahaha -DeJAVu), You can just googling about them or just watch their PV here :

Klik Here to Watch

After watching SNSD’s PV, Yuna and friends are trying to do the same :pfft…
they postpone their battle for a while … — nante ne.. 😛 —
And Finally…this is the Dead-Fantasy Version.. 😀

Klik Here to Watch

How’s it?
Kawaii Deshou..

P.S : Sorry I can’t show the video here directly. It seems that the uploader blocked the video and I can’t show it in wordpress.. >.<

Credit :
1. Monty Oum
3. Wikipedia


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