Hatsune Miku is my favorite Vocaloid Character. She’s energic, cheerful and sometimes kind of troublesome 😀 when she’s singing “world is mine” , she’s just like a princess (miku oujo-sama), while in “when the first love ends” she’s just an innocent maiden, and when she’s singing “Electric Angel” she become a girl who living inside someone’s PC. She DOES have a lot of character, but I love them all.

Why did I make this page? first I wanna share some of my hatsune Miku cosplay pictures. And to give my condolences  to one of the cosplayer below who has just passed away, her name is Saya-san.(for more info click here). iro iro arigato, saya-san.

1. Hatsune Miku (cosplay by : Saya)

miku, hatsune miku, vocaloid, saya

click the picture to see in actual size:

I collected them from random places, sorry if I can’t give any credit m(*.*)m.


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